All About the Daisy Chain - An interview with Radio Veritas

I was recently invited to speak about The Daisy Chain in an interview with Toni Rowland at Radio Veritas.

The transcript from this interview gives an overview of The Daisy Chain Covid 19 Chain of Remembrance.  

Why a Daisy and a Chain?

The Daisy Chain - A Covid 19 Chain of Remembrance

A Daisy symbolizes new life, new beginnings, positive energy, purity and hope for a better future.  It also portrays persistence and perseverance – I found this a significant symbol to bring hope during this time.  It’s symbology also indicates our need for positive thoughts, and hope in overcoming this pandemic as well as our global perseverance in fighting and finding a cure.

The Daisy chain is a symbol of our collective energy, connected throughout the world against a virus that sees no race, gender, age or religion.

Where did the idea come from and what is it’s purpose? 

As the lockdown progressed in may parts of the world, news of the ever-increasing infection rate and more importantly the tragic loss of lives, brought great sadness that these reports seemed so cold, just giving numbers, statistics that each day they continued to increase.  These stats were infact people’s parents, grandparents, children, husbands and wives who needed to be acknowledge and remembered. The Daisy chain has been created as a commemorative chain and our intention is to add as many names and dedications as possible to the growing daisy chain to honour these people fallen victim to Covid 19.

In addition, the reports of the pandemic’s effect on communities around the world, hunger, grief, hopelessness, wishing that we could do something to help those suffering, particularly the children.

I am not a fundraiser or sales person by nature but am a creative, a mother and a wife, who loves to design and create, I have a passion for uplifting through creativity and hoped that we could bring some hope, positivity and joy during these dark times.

Who are benefiting from it?     

There are two aspects linked to The Daisy Chain.

First is to remember and honour all the people who have fallen victim to Covid 19, to show they are no numbers or statistics and act as a tribute to help in the healing for those left behind, for the loss they have suffered. To show also that they are not alone in their heartache and that we are connected and support them in this time of grief.

There is another form of  loss experienced due to the Coronavirus - loss of jobs, income businesses and the effects on their families and their children's well-being..  Through our initiative and for each Daisy sponsored, we are able to help a little towards easing the suffering of children, to ease the burden on their parents and caregivers.

Part of the proceeds from the Sponsorships are donated to The Angel Network who work tirelessly to distribute donations, food parcels etc to suffering communities. We also donate to the World Food Programme to support children’s feeding schemes throughout the world. In addition for each daisy sponsored we donate a Creative Activity Pack containing colouring and paper activities and stationery items. 

Another part of our Creative Programme is collections of Used Stationery which we clean up and pack into sets that are donated together with some creative activities to these communities. 

Our goal is to help Feed the Body and the Soul.

How does it work?

We invite those who have experienced loss of a loved one, friend or colleague, as an individual or business to Sponsor a daisy to commemorate them.  By sending us their dedication we can then add a dedication tag to their daisy as a tribute to them, through the website or by emailing us with their details, sponsorship details and dedication

The Daisies are all connected to a single chain, which will be displayed as a “chain of remembrance” at an event in 2021.

Who are you working with?  

The hard work of distribution of the funds raised, is done by The Angel Network in South Africa and the World Food Programme internationally.  Our team and volunteers help to pack our activity bags and stationery donations for distribution to these communities.


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