The Daisy Chain's Creative Programme - Used Stationery Collection

We have officially launched The Daisy Chain's Creative Programme🌼🌼🌼 with our Used Stationery collection boxes going out to schools. We are most grateful to Power2Kidz for jumping in and supporting this initiative. They have a competition running to see who can bring the most used stationery for our collection. 😁🤓🖍✏️ Stationery will be cleaned up, sharpened and packed in sets to donate to The Angel Network SA to distribute along with our activity packs as part of our Creative Programme. 

As a mom of four kids I have accumulated quite a number of used pens, pencils, crayons, art supplies, rulers, erasers over the years found in some really random places throughout the house.  The box just seems to get bigger and bigger never quite knowing what to do with it all.  I am sure you all have plenty lying around too.  Here's a chance to get rid of all the bits and pieces lying about and donate them to a worthy cause.

We hope to have collection boxes at schools around the country soon, but even businesses can get involved and set up collection points.

We can't wait to get a whole batch of stationery delivered together with our Creativity packs which we have compiled from the sponsorships of the handcrafted daisies for Covid 19 Tribute - The Daisy Chain.  Everyone needs some creative upliftment during these difficult times.  Our desire is to FEED THE SOUL too!

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