About Cuttin Paper

Cuttin Paper specialises customised paper flowers and decor for events, exhibitions and parties, DIY Kits and Paper Craft Classes for adults and kids. Our standard range of paper decor is available on our shop.

Cuttin Paper is all about fulfilling Dreams. 
We are continually creating and extending our range of paper flowers, decor and kits to bring new inspiration and ideas. Custom orders are available for special themes or ideas and we love the challenge of bringing your ideas to reality.
My daughter gave me a notebook for Christmas last year. On the cover were the words - Dream Big. I work in this notebook almost daily, creating, planning, drawing, writing my notes and only recently closed the book and re-read the words Dream Big. Cuttin Paper is the manifestation of my Big Dream becoming reality. A lifetime of crafting and love of paper and a burning desire to create paper artwork and sculptures, make beautiful, unique art to highlight a product in an editorial, brighten up a room, create decor that will take an event to the next level or to simply add colour to people’s lives.
Our goal it to inspire and enable others to create by providing them with the tools either to decorate or physically build and create their own piece of art, be it a paper flower, wall art, or decor for their child’s party.