Where does your Sponsorship go?

 The Daisy Chain Initiative


The suffering experienced from the Global Coronavirus Pandemic has been devastating and wide spread; from the loss of a loved one, friend or family, being infected by the virus, loss of income, retrenchment and inability to provide for our families, closing of a small business. 

Sponsor A Daisy

As a global initiative we would like to support children throughout the world. From the sponsorship of each daisy, we donate:

  • R10 to The Angel Network's Covid 19 efforts to feed thousands of starving children through the Bread and Spread initiative
  • R10 World Food Programme's Covid 19 response 
  • For each Daisy Sponsored we will donate 1 "Happy Daisy" Goody Bag* to children in struggling communities to bring a happy little smile. Our goal is to FEED THE BODY AND THE SOUL.
  • 25% of other proceeds from other Daisy Chain products is donated to each of these charities.
*Our Goody Bag contains a creative paper and colouring activity, stickers, crayons, scissors, a seeded card containing Daisy seeds to grow their own Daisies, and a small nutritious snack.

    Direct Donations are also welcomed by these organisations allow them to continue their work.

    The Angel NetworkCovid 19 initiative - Bread & Spreads

    The Angel Network NPO
    Account No: 627 263 123 91
    Bank: FNB Branch: 250 655
    Reference: Daisy Chain - Sandwiches


    So Join The Daisy Chain and help us to raise money to fill those empty tummies and bring a happy smile back like the Sunny bright Daisy which brings positive energy, purity and hope for a better future.